On This Week’s Menu: Stay-cation 4/11-4/20

Who's more fabulous?
Who’s more fabulous? (I love my job.)

Ladies and gentlemen, please respect the talented writers and bloggers that share the Earth with you. Writing is not easy. Consistency is not easy. I propose to blog as often as I can, which will now probably be once a week on my “weekend”, and to make my posts worthwhile to read. I’ll include some top recipes from the week or from the current week’s food prep. I’ll give an overall thumbs up or down for how I’ve eaten that week too. I’ve been much more honest with myself lately. . .recently. . .the last week and a half or so. I acknowledge what I ate on stay-cation. For all my victories, I found a way to toss sugar in the mix. My victories are still mine. So are the incredible memories. Even when my brother was here there were poor food choices. Our victories, however, were awesome and were ours. Like meeting Mama of Mama Bakes Safe Cakes in Alpharetta. Grain free? Nope. Sugar free? No sir. Gluten free, dairy free sugar bombs of joy and love.

Shots and tots!
Shots and tots at Battle and Brew!






Easter carrot cake cupcakes with cashew frosting. Thanks PaleOMG!
Easter carrot cake cupcakes with cashew frosting. Thanks PaleOMG!

I miss my family terribly. It was an amazing weekend with the boyfriend and an amazing week hanging out with my brother and then meeting our parents’ friends for Easter. (AND having a second set of hands in the house!) Now I’m back to my regularly scheduled program and kicking my health into high gear. Started with a fast day Monday and accidentally on Tuesday and Wednesday as well. Not full fasting obviously, but carb intake between 0 – 50g definitely. I got through work on cocon’oatmeal, a truly brilliant discover with literally nothing bad in its base recipe. Oh I love my life right now. My corset for POC arrived and it’s too big. I’m apartment hunting. I’m on a roll. Life is good.


20140423_171059Featured Recipe: Cocon’oatmeal

This is the second recipe I’ve tried from Lauren at Empowered Sustenance. The first was my honey shampoo. It seems her recipes are going to be some long term sustenance for me. šŸ˜‰ Cocon’oatmeal will definitely be a staple. Even with summer approaching.


Featured Recipe: Brenna’s Pie (a take on Farmer’s Pie which is a Paleo friendly Shepherd’s Pie)

I was just going to wing it with this one. My brother made our version without looking at a recipe. Our version which he called Brenna’s Pie, uses two grass fed meats and sweet potato crust. I tried to just do what he did. Then he suggested I look up a recipe. I found Nom Nom Paleo’s site first and then saw that she directly cited Paleo Comfort Foods. Oh, my version also gets topped with guacamole. So. Freaking. Delicious.

Mine and my brother's Brenna's Pie
Mine and my brother’s Brenna’s Pie with grass fed bison and beef
My attempt at Brenna's Pie. The guac wasn't ready yet and my sweet potatoes lightly browned.
My attempt at Brenna’s Pie with 2lbs grass fed beef. The guac wasn’t ready yet, but my sweet potatoes lightly browned!

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