Bacon and Egg Breakfast Biscuit

Sounds like a regular, big kid, 9-5, stop by Starbucks/DD/BK/McDonald’s/local cafe before work kind of breakfast!

The struggle continues
The struggle returns
The struggle continues
This is how cool kids steep their tall teas to go with their breakfast sandwiches
This is how cool kids steep their tall teas to go with their breakfast sandwiches







Wait a cotton pickin’ second here! Biscuit?? Noooooo. It can’t be! I had to give up biscuits and all things fluffy and buttery and in sandwich form! What are these lies??

Ladies and gents, if you want it bad enough then you’ll find a way. Also if you’re going along the journey of clean eating, remember that you are never alone. Other people, specifically foodie bloggers, miss the sweet deadliness of an egg and sausage McMuffin. The sweet, buttery, flaky artificial biscuit or English muffin or croissant (“Kwaa-saun!” in French). The streaming greasy ooze dribbling down your chin giving you instant acne. The thin disk of faux meaty delight.

You are not alone.

My breakfasts for the last few days have been. . .what’s the word for not cohesive? I was going to say incohesive, but apparently that’s not a word and I need to stop adding prefixes to words and calling them real. That’s how google became a verb. But my breakfasts were not cohesive. I have salad I want to use so I’ve been having salad with something. Salad with sausage. Salad (topped with my own bacon bits) with scrambled eggs. It doesn’t quite mesh. You want to know what meshes?

Featured Recipe: Paleo Egg “‘McMuffin” on a coconut flour biscuit with homemade ketchup

#311! 2 bacon and egg biscuits! Order up!
#311! 2 bacon and egg biscuits! Order up!

This recipe DEFINITELY needs some tweaking based upon the ingredients I have. I made the ketchup first thing in the morning since the recipe asks for it to sit overnight. Psssh! Who can plan that far ahead? Ketchup needs careful attention to the finer ingredients. Too much cloves or too much cinnamon or too much lemon will be BAD. I ended up in a funny dance to balance the ingredients. Not terrible. Not Heinz. Even with a pinch of Stevita.

For the biscuits, 1/3C coconut flour is not enough to give the batter solidity in the texture when using the 4 chicken eggs. I ended up with one conjoined flatbread. I was able to cut out two full biscuits for my breakfast sandwiches. They could also use a little more salt and I’m considering using the grass fed butter instead of super high omega 6 duck fat. But duck fat is pretty grand tasting.20140430_105519

For the eggs, I used a mason jar ring per someone’s comment on the recipe. It looked just like an artificial egg disk! I’m so proud! I also was running back and forth between my laptop for the recipe and the kitchen while the eggs were cooking so they cooked just a little too long. Then I cooked up the bacon really fast and BAM!

This could easily become another breakfast staple. Those are really good to have with my schedule!

#nofilter #noshame
#nofilter #noshame #embraceyourmess #biscuitsofinstagram




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