Weekly Menu: April 30 – May 6

In case the dates become confusing, my work week is Friday – Tuesday. I will post these either Wednesday or Thursday, but I’ll start the week Wednesday. Hence, the dates.

I finally found it!
I finally found it! . . .yay?

Whoa. This week. It was really. . .wow. Like, the bad wow. Worst slope I’ve felt since starting clean eating. The week wasn’t physically taxing, but my brain and my motivation to be healthy and my sense to stick to budget were so far out of whack! I kept thinking, “you’re just not admitting that as your one-year Georgia-versary approaches you’re feeling especially lonely.” Somehow though, I knew that wasn’t right. The problem was I couldn’t figure out what the problem was!

What finally got me out of my funk? I skyped my brother Tuesday night. Something about an intellectual discussion about freedom, rearing the future generations, proper family values as the key building block to freedom, connecting ethics to economy, beautiful paintings by William Adolphe Bouguereau. . .it’s just the kind of hope for the future and sense of pride in myself that I needed. I gave myself one last bout of heartburn and then I was back on track in the morning. Mostly.

This place exists. It's minutes from my job. The struggle is mighty in its realness.
The Varsity. This place exists. It’s minutes from my job. The struggle is mighty in its realness.

Hey, I never said I was perfect. In fact, the point is that I’m very far from perfect, but I still managed to stick to my journey towards health. If I can do it, I’m preeeeeeetty sure anyone else can do it. 😛 I encourage you to be wholly honest with yourself if not with a confidant. Find your triggers, face them down, and if you don’t beat it this time or even the next TEN times, keep facing them!

Uh. . .it's clean! Honest!
Uh. . .it’s clean! Honest!

I faced them down and kicked them in the nuts on Wednesday by owning my kitchen and my day! And I logically reasoned what was necessary or not for groceries and stayed UNDER BUDGET! YESSS! Although I did find some weird blue stuff in some of my meat while cooking up some Farmer’s Pie. Not mold. Almost like someone’s sleeve got caught in the grinding machine. And Thursday was just a beautifully fun day. Picked up the petit-four cake I won through a Facebook giveaway from 2B Whole Gluten Free bakery. Gave away the chocolate peppermint cookies I baked out of boredom the night before. More cooking. Beautiful weather. Lots of victories. I think it’s a strong start to the upcoming week.

What the--? What IS that??
What the–? What IS that??






Featured Recipe: Spicy (not really) Mustard Crockpot Chicken

20140507_171642I forgot to take pictures of my food for most of the week. Boo, Brenna! My absolute favorite recipe for the week was chicken a la king with bacon! It was AWESOME on EVERYTHING! But alas, no picture. I also learned the price of not being prepared to cook throughout the week. But I did make this neat little ditty while prepping everything else. I didn’t even have leftovers.

I’d like to try it with the spicy garlic sauce if I make it again. That’ll take a little more prep, but I think it’ll help not just with flavor, but also with the consistency of the dressing as it’s reducing. This took much longer than 10 minutes to reduce to where I wanted it, but once it was there, I was very happy! Also, crockpot chicken has the most divine texture. Low and slow for 3 hours and it was perfection!

Here are pictures of my cats! Grok on!

Shana owns this ish in the cutest way one can own ish.
Shana owns this ish in the cutest way one can own ish.
Meru's first taste of sunshine and hot pavement.
Meru’s first taste of sunshine and hot pavement.

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