Breakfast Made Fool Proof – Frittata

The absolute best advice I can give anyone who wants to switch over to clean eating is as follows: START YOUR DAY RIGHT!

This is only acceptable to start (preferably end) your day when celebrating. Like a one year Georgia-versary! #TheVarsityStruggle
This is only acceptable to start (this was actually dinner) your day when celebrating. Like a one year Georgia-versary! #TheVarsityStruggle

To start your day off right entails so much more than just, “Eat your Wheaties so you can pass the test/win the game/tolerate sticky grandma kisses!” (P.S. Don’t eat Wheaties. P.P.S. My grandma is a classy lady and only gives the best kisses.) It means actions you can take to start on the right foot, be it your day or your entire journey. This not only helps you physically take on the load of your day, but to put yourself in a positive mindset to take on the load of the day. I can’t stress enough how important it is to look at the bad and find that silver lining. So! In order to do that, here are my tips:


Yes, I know Game of Thrones is coming on. Yes, I know it’s the weekend and no one sleeps before 1:30am. That’s a choice you make. I make that choice all too often. But when do you wake up the next day? How good do you feel about rolling out of bed to start your day when it may be half over? How reliant are you on your coffee after all-nighters? Yeah, okay, maybe you feel like you’ve got the rest of your life to recover from these weekend binges.

The question is: how long and how happy will the rest of your life be? This is the time we form our futures. Really we were starting as soon as we could learn through observation. These are the days our habits really form and those habits WILL follow you into adulthood. I’ve watched it happen. Not all for the best. I’m working to fix that here and now. Which is why I turned down dessert at Outback Steakhouse with my friend the other night and limited myself to one iffy food purchase despite previous treat plans. Habits. Mine may not be the best for you. You pick what’s honestly best for you.


Without fail, if I pick my clothes out the night before, I have a stable morning. Do I always do this? Nope! But I certainly try. I take a look in the fridge before bed for two things — neither of which is a late night snack if I can avoid it: 1. I look for what I’ll pack for lunch tomorrow and 2. what I’ll eat for breakfast. If I make that decision in advance, I can rest easy and know how much time I get to sleep before starting my next day. No need to fret over every little detail (unless you have a performance the next evening and you can’t go home first), but I definitely recommend doing as much as you can so you have less to do and less stress. Stress is bad for your health. But what’s good for your health is–

It's fun to eye homemade lemonade in my fridge at night.
It’s fun to eye homemade lemonade in my fridge at night.


I had trouble with this one for a while. A reliable source told me that he doesn’t actually recommend eating breakfast first thing in the morning. I listened without reading the information for myself. There’s probably a good reason for this because I’m pretty sure this is information from Mark’s Daily Apple. However, I made a choice for some reason one morning and decided to make a nice filling breakfast. You know what happened? I went a solid 10 hours before feeling actual hunger pangs again. I actually got nervous and texted my brother to see if this was normal. He reassured me, but holy cow! TEN HOURS? That’s the good fats taking charge. That’s when I knew I had become a fat burning beast!

My breakfast du jour this week was the easiest thing in the world. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to (re)introduce you to the frittata. It’s a big ol’ egg cake with veggies and/or meat and/or WHATEVER YOU WANT. That’s what makes it so fantastic. It’s your protein, your veggies, any spices you enjoy, and slap that bad boy in the oven for about 15-20 minutes. Make some bacon on the side or sausages. Have a glass of water or maybe some dairy-free milk or a smoothie and you’ve got a really fancy breakfast there.

**Important aside: I’ve been struggling with heartburn the last few months. I’ve gotten it before when I ate things I shouldn’t. So I was baffled when I was getting it after eating good things. I found some articles (here and here) while researching what could be causing this. I’m now attempting some of these as well as being stricter about no dairy and attempting to cut out nightshades again. Mainly, I’m eating smaller portions so I don’t over stuff myself and I’m eating three meals a day or two meals and a snack to avoid under eating. If you find heartburn to be an issue as you start or continue your clean eating journey, give these things a looksie. 🙂 Self-experimentation is a HUGE part of clean eating.


Featured recipe: Frittata

This day went well.

I love frittatas! I tend to despise making them. So many ingredients, so little care. But when I can pull the strength of will to cut up all the veggies and clean the only proper pan I have for frittata making, it’s SO WORTH IT! I’m now being careful about what seasonings I use since I’m avoiding nightshades (did you know nutmeg is a nightshade???) so I’ll get to play around with flavors. Should be fun. Or frustrating. Let’s lean towards fun.

This is just one recipe. I love Nom Nom Paleo. She’s so cute! Frittatas are as simple as cooking veggies and drowning them in 10-13 eggs depending on the size of your pan. In the oven at 350, spinning the pan about halfway through so it cooks evening. When it solidifies and fluffs up like a cake, it’s probably ready to come out.

Have a happy morning and have a happy day! Grok on!

I was told the hat was obligatory.
I was told the hat was obligatory.

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