Practicing basics: Lemon Balsamic Vinaigrette

Gave this a try this week too. WHOA. SO SWEET. @__@
Gave this a try this week too. WHOA. SO SWEET. @__@

This was a week of experimentation. The one iffy thing I bought on my last groceries trip was a box of organic, gluten free chocolate cereal. With coconut milk and cinnamon, it is THE BOMB DOT COM. But it has brown rice flour. Not ideal. I know. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel like it threw me. Plus it was on sale! I turned down pizza (twice!) cupcakes, and other delicious devils this week. I admit I bought a cheap bag of gluten free chocolate cookies on a whim. I was too full from a late lunch Sunday to eat another meal when I got home, but too hungry to just not eat. Plus, Skype date’s are special occasions right? Not to mention, I beat a craving for it Monday night so guess what made it all the way from Sunday to Tuesday! Go Brenna!

I feel so good, I'm confident enough to show you this mess! (Don't ask. :-) )
I feel so good, I’m confident enough to show you this mess! (This is a test. Don’t ask. 🙂 )

I kept meals very simple this week. Nothing special. But I did learn that if anything gets done on my weekend, it MUST be the veggies! Preparing veggies is so tedious. If it doesn’t get done on my days off, it likely won’t get done. I’m surprised I forced myself to do any of it this week, but hey! I’m going strong! Although it literally took me two days to cut up broccoli and cauliflower and then COOK the broccoli and cauliflower. I had other things to think about than getting fancy in the kitchen. Don’t ask me why–and don’t tell the boyfriend–but I’ve had babies on the brain. Relax (mom)! It’s just because I work around children all day and I’m constantly amazed/intrigued/baffled by some of the adults that walk into the center and what children learn from watching these adults. I just needed to talk out my feelings on the matter this week along with other introspective matters. That’s what brothers are for! . . no? Not your brother? Guess your brother just isn’t as awesome as mine. Nor is your boyfriend as confident that you aren’t rushing things as mine. Teeheehee.

It’s more than babies. It’s the kind of person YOU want to be and what another human could learn from you. What influences do you want in your life? What influences do you not even recognize as part of your life and of your upbringing? Who belongs in your life to make it better and who should not be there for making it more challenging? I’ve had a lot of time to think about where I used to be in my life and where I am now. It’s a whole lifetime away. I’m stunned by where I am and how much control I’ve gained. (Although it comes and goes.) I want to keep on this streak of introspection and self-confidence and hope for the future. It’s keeping me strong. That and the love of the people I have decided to keep in my life. They’re the best. 🙂

Featured recipe: Lemon balsamic vinaigrette

A loving little savory family.
A loving little savory family.

Guys, I needed salad back in my life. I felt so blue without my greens. 😉 ::dodges rotten tomatoes:: I didn’t make mayo this week for lack of giving a hoot so I quickly whipped this bad boy up. I used it on my red lettuce, spinach, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and broken up burger. What I learned? You really need to carefully balance the olive oil and vinegar. It’s a careful harmony that they need. What did I learn about storing it? Well the olive oil congealed. . .it looked super gross. Still tasted good when I shook it up and let it combine again. Oh salad. Welcome home.


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