21 Day Sugar Detox: Perfect Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

I think I can convince myself that hard boiled eggs are the easiest, healthiest snack in the world. I used to dread them. Do we all know just how frustrating it is to peel a hard boiled egg?? Then I came across a site run by Serious Eats that one of my favorite Paleo blogs (probably Nom Nom Paleo) shared to Facebook. It claimed to have the answer–the science–to making perfect peel hard boiled eggs: start with the water already boiling.

WARNING: Thin ice. Do not skate.
WARNING: Thin ice. Do not skate.

“Surely this is another hoax,” Brenna pondered aloud, squinting with distrust at the images and accompanying fine print. “That’s such a weird way to do it.”

It took at least three weeks to a month to motivate myself and to work with my budget. Finally I decided to use my waning motivation to cook up some hard boiled eggs using this new miracle recipe. After all, I’d never tried to start with the water boiling. I followed the recipe, playing around with the heat just a little so it would find that “barely simmering” point after sticking cold eggs in boiling water. (Word of advice: don’t drop a raw egg into a sauce pan from above the boiling water. The egg will break when it hits the bottom. Use a slotted spoon.) I stuck those bad boys in the fridge overnight, and used them for breakfast the next day. I took the bowl out of the fridge and noticed the top layer of water froze. Whoops! My fridge is so cold, but the dial is stuck pretty tight. It left a pocket where one egg was sticking out of the water. That was pretty cool.

Anyway, I ran the egg under cold water. I started to peel.




I’ve never had an egg peel so beautifully!! I still took my time to peel it so my nails wouldn’t mutilate it, but the shell chipped away without effort. Amazing!! The eggs themselves, as a friend of mine pointed out as having happened to her too, were a touch soft boiled in the center. Just a touch. I’m going to try keeping the heat high until that simmer begins and THEN lowering it to keep the heat steady. They were still amazing! I missed hard boiled eggs in my life. They’re a perfect snack.

Thanks for the recipe, Serious Eats!

Breakfast of champions! There are carrots hidden under there.
Breakfast of champions! There are carrots hidden under there.

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