21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 7 – Lesson Learned

Incredible. I knew I would feel pretty awful in the morning — actually, I thought I’d have heartburn during the night — but this was worse than I expected! I woke up feeling as if I spent the whole night binging on shots! Dizzy, disoriented, couldn’t walk straight just to get to the bathroom. Wow. Uh, so your body reacts to sugar the same way it reacts to alcohol on a chemical level and mine had just gone quite a while with next to no sugar. It’s fascinating, and unsettling, to see it in action.

I got through the day alright, but the feeling of being hungover never really passed. Water doesn’t cure a sugar hangover. Didn’t eat much, but I’m feeling the negative emotions again. No motivation to do the dishes and cook what’s left of the food. That means tomorrow will be difficult. I might go grocery shopping tomorrow instead of Wednesday. Just to have good food in the apartment. I get a worse sense of dread and defeat when I feel like there’s nothing to be done in the apartment to help myself.

I’m lonely again. I sound like a broken record, but ever since my one year Georgia-versary, I’ve been feeling lonelier. Clearly the novelty of the bachelorette life has worn out. Shame. I have met some incredible people down here. I just miss my family and friends from up north. And the boyfriend. I miss him a lot a lot.

BUT POC IS IN 23 DAYS!!!! . . .CRAP! I need to finish my costumes!! Rhinestones! Navi! Sword belt! Mushroom/coin block bag! ALL THE THINGS!


2 thoughts on “21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 7 – Lesson Learned

    1. The effect took me way by surprise. Thank you! Next big event is coming up in just 3 weeks! But it’ll be up to me to keep it sugar free around all sorts of temptation!

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