21DSD: No excuses!

My parents keep tabs on me.
My parents keep tabs on me.

The universe leaves you no room for excuses sometimes. One day you’re the cause of the downfall of your hockey team on top of being over budget. The next day your parents are sending you flowers that arrive at the most optimal moment. Literally ran into the delivery guy as I was moping to the door. And he was so jolly! You can’t make this stuff up.

This detox has been both enlightening and balls to the wall frustrating.

The last few days were recovery. Monday (Day 8) started off like it was going to be another spiraling day. You’d never fully believe what broke my cloudy thoughts that morning. A little girl who doesn’t even exist yet. This little girl is the representation of the mature attitude towards life I’m focusing on creating. She’s the one who will look at me and learn from me what is right and wrong. I can’t let her down. So while I did order out for lunch on Katy-and-Brenna Monday, it was just to get me through the day so I could not spend anything else and then reset my brain for Tuesday.

Jumbo wings and fries. No ketchup. No ranch. At least I'm honest.
Jumbo wings and fries. No ketchup. No ranch. At least I’m honest.

And reset it, I did. Tuesday (Day 9) was a strange combination of dissatisfying and fulfilling. WOW, it was a long day at work. My lunch didn’t have enough protein–only the bacon in the brussels sprouts–but it was enough to get me through a groceries trip after work  so I could start my week off right! AVOCADO EGG SALAD BABY! . . .money-wise it was terribly frustrating. It was again today (Day 10). I’m over my projected budget for the first week of June, but I got tuna on sale! And didn’t buy anything vulgar! . . .free Friday coupons don’t count as buying. No, I’m not suddenly immune from caving just because I’m attempting the detox. I’m trying to be honest without too much stress.

It’s fascinating to observe my reactions though. Clearly this is how commonplace sugar has been in my life. Now I’m forced to be a grownup and think about my food choices. I don’t always make very good ones. Fascinating. If I accomplish anything during this detox, it will have been to make that discovery and find how to bring about a change.

I don't think there's a nice way to take a picture of green eggy mush, but the taste is DA BOMB
I don’t think there’s a nice way to take a picture of green eggy mush, but the taste is DA BOMB

Money ought to balance out next week. Fingers crossed. I’m looking for one of June’s paychecks to be quite pretty from memberships. I could use that for the rent increase and for some extra vacation cash. POC IS IN 22 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Featured Recipe: Cabbage steak

I didn’t think I would like this. I remember cabbage being very. . .blah. Not bad. Just cabbage. Boiled and I’d add a metric ton of soy sauce to jazz it up. The cabbage head was difficult to cut. My knives need sharpening. Once I managed to slice it into its shedding rounds, I rubbed them down with the garlic and then olive oil and generously salted them. I’m becoming less afraid of salt. I don’t have non-stick spray so I just used my go-to foil wrap. I thought it smelled like it was roasting too quickly. Nope! It was just right! When I flipped it at 30 minutes, it had that more translucent green I remembered from way back when. It was also getting rather soft along with its nice char. The thinner pieces were becoming more like boiled cabbage, but I managed to flip them and let them keep roasting. They. Were. So. Good.

Cabbage steak mom and baby.
Cabbage steak mom and baby.

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