21DSD: Sweet and Salty Day Two

One idea I want to mention from my first round with the 21DSD is how my palate needs refining. Food, to my poor tongue, has two flavors: savory and sweet. It leaves me a really sad panda when I think all I can eat for the next three weeks are savory dishes as I deny myself sweets. The only thing I can think of that might stray from these categories is salad. Salad is just. . .fresh. It’s green.  Seriously, if green had a flavor, salad would be it. Now given the right dressing, say a homemade Ranch, it could then lean towards sweet — clearly my preference. So I’m definitely going to make room for Granny Smith apples in my home. Just one maybe a couple times a week. Perhaps when this is over, or maybe if I find something worth experimentation, I’ll play with food flavors. For now, I just need to satisfy and weaken my sweet tooth and keep everything supremely simple yet satisfying.

Even my sliders for breakfast tasted as what I describe as sweet. Like my brain absolutely must pick one or the other. My brother thinks I should donate my brain to science. Might not be a bad idea.

New conundrum: I’m trying to figure out my heartburn again. I’m worried I might have a sensitivity to eggs. I’ll need to test a few things. . .after using the eggs already in my house. This girl cannot afford to waste money or food. Plus, eggs are delicious. Oh I’ll miss eggs. Anyhoo, I figure it’s an issue because both breakfast and lunch had egg blatantly or egg in the mix and I got a little indigestion. This has happened more often than I’d like in past weeks. Then again, after my snack (you’re gonna LOVE this one!), I also felt it a little. Oh great. Now I have to go back to the overeating idea again.


I caught a picture of a rainbow on the way home!
I caught a picture of a rainbow on the way home!

But hey! Victory! I went to Horizon Theatre last night to finally see the show. Didn’t even look (much) at the concessions area. The show ended up being cancelled due to a power outage from the tremendous thunderstorm that barreled through. But I wasn’t upset! It didn’t throw me off track! In fact it was the coolest lightning display I’ve ever seen! My DIY wall signs are working! Day 2, I’ll forgive the discretion of your indigestion. Just don’t do it again.

Breakfast: Sliders and cauli-tots

Lunch: Cucumber, mushroom, carrot, and avocado egg salad. . .salad

Snack: Salted Almond Ice Cream


Feature Recipe: Salted Almond ice cream


What a freaking treat! Gosh, I’m so happy I decided to make this! Really I just wanted to use up the bananas before they ripened and I’d feel guilty about eating them. It didn’t even occur to me that I had all the ingredients I needed for it! Bananas, almond butter, salt, nuts (macademia instead of almond) and my NEW FOOD PROCESSOR!!! I excluded honey to keep it 21DSD friendly. Used cinnamon instead.

It tastes like banana. Duh. I added a teaspoon of vanilla to give it more of that vanilla ice cream twist. It worked to a degree. I was worried about texture as I blended it, but finally it smoothed out and became creamy. Getting it into a bowl took some effort. I stuck the bowl in the freezer while I waited for the toasted macademia nuts to cool. Oh. My. God. Divine. If you go into it expecting it to be what it is–frozen whipped bananas, almond butter, and vanilla, you’re going to have a field day with this recipe. It doesn’t stay cold as long as ice cream does, but I also had the whole thing in one sitting. I think you’re meant to eat less than I did in which case you’d be finished before it could thaw. PFFFT! Blasphemy! Even slightly warmer than frozen, the sweet and salty mix was so amazing. This. . .I want more of this for my birthday. And forever. Welcome home, ice cream. Happy summer!


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