21DSD: Prep to Treat Yo’self!

I’m starting to figure out what some of the preparation is that I need to achieve a happy body sugar balance. Dishes MUST be done. If dishes don’t get done, I can’t cook. If I can’t cook, I can’t eat. If I can’t eat, I resort to other more sugary things to tide me over. If I resort to other more sugary things, I binge like a crack addict. That’s seriously not an exaggeration.

So! I’m working on how to make the dishes less daunting for myself. I’m also prepping to have a sweet snack to satisfy my insane sweet tooth. Not Horizon cookies. Not even Enjoy Life cookies. (Although those are the BOMB DOT COM!) Next time I go shopping, I’m getting a bag of Granny Smith apples! I think I mentioned this already, but I’m reinforcing it. Snacks. Are. Not. The. Devil. In fact, I had hard boiled eggs as a snack today. I’ll go egg-less next shopping trip, but I really don’t think (or want to think) eggs are the problem. I think my stomach is just very sensitive to how much I eat. When I eat beyond full, say just to clean my plate, I’ll feel the indigestion sitting beneath the surface. It’ll be a while, too, before my stomach fully settles so that’s probably why I get indigestion later on as well.

I started taking Primal Flora, a gut bacteria supplement, about a month ago. Shouldn’t that make my stomach less sensitive? Maybe if I can really stick to this detox, my stomach will get a chance to heal. There are so many variables. Gosh! The biggest problem is just keeping myself motivated. My signs aren’t pushing me like they did on day one. Maybe I should switch them out for some new motivational signs. There’s a thought. Replace the signs each week or whenever I feel like I need a new burst of inspiration.

Also, keep the darn dishes clean! Do you know how hard I wanted to order an extra large pizza for $9 just because it was easier than cleaning all the dishes and then cleaning the cutting board and then cleaning the chef knife just to make coconut breaded chicken? I wanted that pizza REEEEEEEEEEEEAL hard. But it wouldn’t justify Mark’s motto that I want to live by, “Live long; drop dead.” That’s how life should be lived. I won’t live very long if I keep eating cheap crap, but I’ll certainly drop dead. It’ll just be a more painful process than it ought to be.

So let’s live long and drop dead having fun!


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