NAP Time: Rights =/= Wants

You won’t understand the Hobby Lobby situation until you understand the definition of rights and how they differ from wants. Rights are inherent (NOT granted). Wants are not. Living is a right no one has permission to take from you. Birth control is a want. Controlling your business (aka your property) is a right. Benefits from your employer is a want, a want you discuss when creating a contract with your employer. It comes down to what you agree upon and how worthwhile you are to his/her company. It’ll work better in a free market society.

When you instantly react so viscerally to these situations you make them so much worse by ignoring the most basic principles of non-aggression. I get it, ladies and feminists, your hearts are in the right place. Your rioting, however, is misdirected.

“But they never say, ‘Whose rights must we violate to get what we want?'”

The good Dr. Ron Paul put the situation into perspective better than I could. When you get it, you can’t UN-get it. Freedom works that way.

See him trash statist arguments here:


Just for fun, I found this great little comic that AhaParenting shared. 20 (19 for we atheists) reasons to home school your children. I so hope the father of my child(ren) and I are in a position to home school our kid(s). The State is powerful. Indoctrination of a child is a powerful weapon. I want better than that for my kid(s) and for society. We have to start somewhere, yeah?


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