Baby Steps

When Tropical Traditions has a sale, you do NOT ignore them.
New this week: When Tropical Traditions has a sale, you do NOT say no.

Well this has been a hell of a reinvention week. I don’t want to get too excited. Clearly there’s some of that exciting feeling of novelty at work here and it’s only a few days since my body hurt so much from the three weeks of consistent binging. By the way, thank you for the support shown on my last post. It means so much to have support from loved ones. However, I’m EXTREMELY proud of myself! My boss had us over for a potluck gathering at her home after work Sunday. There were tomato, cheese, and basil slices fresh from our co-worker’s garden. There was pork sirloin with strawberry jam. Fruit.  And I brought two bags of gluten free cookies.

The only gin drink I've ever enjoyed. Mmmmm. . .
The only gin drink I’ve ever enjoyed. Gin, muddled watermelon, and basil leaves. Mmmmm. . .

But what is honestly sweeter than cake? Pie? Homestyle mac n’ cheese? Oh lordy!

Actually, I’ll tell you what’s sweeter than those things: having the resolve to say no to them for the sake of my future physical and mental well being. This is not a put down to anyone who partook of that splendid array of deliciousness. I’m actually a little jealous I couldn’t enjoy it with them without suffering in some form, but I may have extremely alcoholic birthday mostly clean rum cake coming my way. 😉 This is not about anyone but myself and anyone who can relate to being in such a situation when they’re not prepared to let the day be an outlier. I barely craved the things I shouldn’t have. I turned them down for my sake. I still had a wonderful evening. What could be better?

Actually, getting the pictures my other co-worker  took would be nice. 🙂

The fun was followed by a day that started strong and slowly deteriorated leaving me in a slump and craving bad things once again. 24 hour slump, like a 24 hour cold, can knock you off your feet if you’re not careful. Thankfully I think I only showed grumpy, sarcastic symptoms rather than violently stuffing my face. You know what that means? That means I’m in a better place than I was the prior three weeks! That thought, coupled with finally forcing myself to bed, had me waking up to a much calmer self. I took a mental health day away from social media distractions (which I learned Facebook seriously halts my day’s progress)  to focus on myself and some surprising sudden interests. I may be starting my POC 8 costumes a whole year early. Bring it on, costume contest! And suck it, dirty dishes and cooking! Bite me! . . .but don’t because I don’t wanna bite into food that’ll bite back. Chocolate covered frozen bananas don’t bite. . .but a leftover bowl of melted 85% dark chocolate might. Good thing my fridge is full of good options!

. . .And that’s how I beat my first binge with only minor, free cheddar popcorn and dark chocolate shaped battle scars. Bring on the week(end)!

Featured recipe: Crispy Italian Chicken Thighs by Stupid Easy Paleo

20140723_144724Stupid easy is what I like to hear! I learned something with this recipe. Chicken skin gets crispy not necessarily for oiling it down, but, in this case, for drying it up. When the recipe claimed the chicken would get crispy from properly drying the skin, I was skeptical. Then it worked! Hooray! Something else I learned, although not from this recipe, is that I hate pepper, but I love chili powder. I definitely spiced this one up. You can keep to the recipe. Mmmmm! Oh, one other thing I learned: I remade my “fettuccine” alfredo today following the recipe to the T except for the butter. It came out damn near perfect! Definitely alfredo sauce and not clam chowder this time. VICTORY!

Grok on, cave brethren!

Just to prove my deodorant is the real deal clean:

However, there's a HUGE difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. Huge. Difference.
However, there’s a HUGE difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. Huge. Difference.

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