Immature? Me? Why I nev–PIZZA PARTY!

Guess what! I’m learning! I’m becoming a real big girl with big girl confidence and positivity and mindset to treat myself without binging. Suck it, binges! Despite that I’ve likely had too much sugar the last couple of weeks and your body can’t tell the difference between natural and chemical sugar when it needs to release insulin, I’ve still been a solid 90/10 clean! It’s been a very good few weeks since controlling myself after POC.

Not a good image, but so very delicious! Chocolate "magic shell" dipped bananas!
Not a good image, but so very delicious! Chocolate “magic shell” dipped bananas!

Gentlemen, fellas, and dudebros alike, please be advised: if you have a girl, lady, and/or shawty that’s caught your eye, you better treat her right or else DO NOT let her near my brother. He WILL make her see her own beautiful potential and you will have to shape up or ship out, bruh. But yeah, my brother played a big part in helping me see the immaturity of certain sugar cravings. Mindset determines a binge or a treat. Thanks, bro! We should all keep positive people around if we want to succeed.

. . .Just in case it needs clarification, the boyfriend is safe. He’s also extremely encouraging. I have some pretty fantastic people in my life.

I gave up Facebook for a day. Best choice I’ve made since going clean. I cooked. I cleaned. I wrote. I made chocolate covered banana bites. I got so much done that would’ve been put aside by Facebook trolling. I decided to do it all weekend. I’ll likely slowly disconnect from Facebook until it’s only a means of communicating with long distance friends. Good job, Brenna! Now you can eat! . . .and eat I did! I also watched Game of Thrones with my friend from work! I’m also exploring fun new avenues of interest as I contemplate my life. They may or may not involve cosplay armor and geeky desserts. I’ve also been working on something else really fun: my blog will be getting a new home via! A real website! Couldn’t have done it without Facebook being a pain in my butt and banning me from making pages there.

This is how my part-time shift went. -__-
This is how my part-time shift went. -__-

There was a lot of underlying confidence to boost me into the week, all stemming from the fact that I am tired of being childish about my health and my life. It’s time to get stuff done! And if I want something sweet, I’m going to have something sweet. And if I want a deviant treat–like I actually want to make that choice and not just be childish–I’m going to. Just hopefully not often. Because ouch.

My life; my rules.

Grok on!

Featured Recipe: Mushroom pizza (Paleo pizza crust – Paleo Spirit)

I'm back in black--! Uh. . .back on the rack! I don't know. Just run with it. It's pizza.
I’m back in black–! Uh. . .back on the rack! I don’t know. Just run with it. It’s pizza.

This is–! I just–! Wow!

I’ve made pizza before. It was a cauliflower crust topped with cheddar cheese and hot dogs. Cool kids use sliced hotdogs on their pizzas when pepperoni isn’t an option. True story. This time I started with from-scratch Paleo pizza dough. No cauliflower; just arrowroot powder, coconut flour, salt, an egg, oil, and water. I’m not a baker, is this a normal sounding dough recipe from scratch? Because it came out oh so very pretty! The dough was easy to work with too. Didn’t even need to break out the electric mixer.

I always get nervous when I see any Cup-worth amount of tapioca flour/starch. That’s a LOT of starch. This is where that moderation thing comes into play. Okay, Brenna. Don’t eat the WHOLE pizza in one sitting. It’s definitely not personal pizza sized! Enjoy the pizza for what it is–a taste of variety in your weekly meal planning and a little treat. My stomach was gurgling a bit afterwards.


Here’s a picture of the first pizza attempt way back when. My pictures have improved over the last year. Enjoy!

Back when “Natural” still meant something to me. 200% natural!




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