Bachelorette Groceries

Damn. Damn. Damn!

I really thought I could do it, guys. I thought I could get through my birthday unscathed. The mentality was there. I made the choices I made purposely. But the nail in the coffin was my choice not to cook in our downtime the Thursday my mom was here. That led to absolute disaster. I’m sorry. I was hoping I could go much longer without talking about another binge. I think I went. . .three weeks? Still the longest so far! But this was bad.

I mean, like, baaaad. Bad like I spent a week eating entire packages of things I should never touch. I’m pretty sure I’m back to a size 10.

Hey. Feminists. Hush. I don’t hate my body and I’m not fat shaming myself or anyone else for being a size 10. I’m just not where I want to be on my personal journey and it shocked me when my jeans were a bit tight.

Anyway, the stress and the working myself ragged to save up for vacation stopped me from posting my One Weekend post as well as getting my website going. Boo. It’s coming. Promise. Right now I have some damage control to do. But of course this realization hit me the week before leaving for NJ to visit my family. What’s a sad lady stressed out of her gourd to do? Well here’s what I did: I bought the most bachelor groceries you’ve ever seen, but all gluten free. GF bread, ham, cheese, butter, GF cereal, milk (coconut and almond), hot dogs, GF pasta, and the grand piece de resistance–GF corn dogs. I love coupons. Yeah. All that is sitting in my fridge right now. #bachelorettelife #glutenfreegangsta

It took some talking down, but I’m finally getting back on track once again. I checked off my To Do list like a boss. The GF food that doesn’t involve cooking per se has worked like a charm to avoid extra dishes and the stress of adding cooking to my To Do List. I’m avoiding the emotional/boredom eating. I painted my nails on a whim. I’m keeping a food log again. I’m even writing! Thank you Nika Harper! I’m writing a picture book for my series Liberty Shorts (title pending).

That’s real life, ladies and gents. People have feelings. People have obstacles. People make choices. The focus needs to lay with what you do next. Will your next choice improve your life or put you deeper in a hole? I like sunshine too much to stay in a hole so I’m accepting all available hands to pull me up. In the mean time I’ll be hear shimmying my way up the walls. It’s slippery.

The above is called an extended metaphor. #writer

Featured Recipe: Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Ain't she a beaut?
Ain’t she a beaut?

Does that count as a featured recipe? It does to me! This brand of GF bread, KinnickKinnick, was the cheapest and one of very few at my Kroger that was both GF and not some offbeat type of bread like cinnamon or some such. I also picked it because it’s the same brand that makes my favorite cookies, K-TOOS! It doesn’t hold together like wheat sandwich bread. Duh. But it works to give me the very satisfying feeling of holding a ham and cheese sandwich once again. Just putting it together relaxed me. Boom. Done.



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