Vacation Log

It’s a good feeling to get your act together. It’s not fun when cravings hit, but it’s fun to beat them! What’s life without some challenge, yeah? Like how you feel when you beat a video game by yourself. I haven’t experienced that in a while. Better bust out my DS again soon. And my brother reminded me of making a food log so I can see my victories and struggles. I used the template from the 21DSD. Funnily enough, the timing for 3 weeks of information covered the week before vacation, the week of vacation, and the week following vacation. It’s good to be honest when vacation is arriving. And damn I was good!

Seriously, the only “bad” days were Labor Day and the very last night before I got back into Atlanta. And Labor Day was planned. Oh man, I’m so glad that day went well. Mine and the boyfriend’s parents met for the first time. @__@ Seriously, all that morning you could’ve cut the tension with a knife. Not that *I* was worried. I was cool as a cucumber in the freezer of an Eskimo in Alaska that fell through the ice of a frozen lake. . .yup. Cool. Soon as my folks arrived, everything was lovely. I mean, other than being blatantly asked by our mothers when we’re getting married. I do love my mama. And his mother is lovely too. But c’mon ladies! Yes, I’m talking to you, mom. You know what you said. . .but it was nice to have you both there while I made whipped cream for the first time.

Our featured recipe comes from Labor Day too! I wanted to bring something because no one should show up as a guest empty handed. Finally decided on fruit with homemade organic whipped cream and organic deviled eggs. My brother and I got the ingredients from Whole Foods, made our own mayo, whipped those bad boys up, and apparently they were the greatest deviled eggs known to man. 🙂 Wasn’t expecting that. And that whipped cream. . .WOW! Never having canned crap again! It was also  really nice to spend time with my friends again. A lovely day and week all around. Apparently I’m not too bad at Pitch & Putt too. The boyfriend sounded like my mom teaching bowling when he was teaching me to golf. That’s probably the best compliment you can ever receive.

The trip up was prepped with ham and cheese slices, cashews, seaweed slices, and leftover gluten free cookies. The trip down was PaleoKrunch. And my first night home was the best meal I’ve had literally in MONTHS thanks to my brother. Glorious steak done in butter/garlic sauce and basil with a side of broccoli. Oh my freaking Grok. Close to being the highlight of vacation. But then there was the boyfriend. He’s pretty special. And discovering Child of Light, the basis for my next cosplay.

I knew coming back to Georgia would be rough although I didn’t anticipate how rough the first week back to work would be. But that’s why I kind of forgive myself for last Wednesday night’s discretions. But if that’s the worst I do–Wendy’s pretzel bun cheeseburger, some small cookies, and popcorn–I’m damn proud of myself. I decided when I got back I would throw myself into my passions. I’m writing and getting inspiration by watching Nika Harper on youtube. If you like to write and don’t know Nika Harper, go get yourself an education. I’m also going to get started on cosplay for POC and maybe even Halloween if I can wing it. The point is, I’m occupying myself with things I really love and the positive mentality is keeping my spirits up and my kitchen clean and my belly happy so as not to distract me from the important things. Things are going quite well. I hope this lasts longer than ever! We’ll ignore the raisins I just shoved down my throat. n__n

Featured Recipe: Deviled Eggs with homemade paleonnaise

These devils NEVER cry. #gamergirl
These devils NEVER cry. #gamergirl #nerd

Holy yum, Batman! This is probably one of the easiest recipes you’ll come across in all your life. Hard/Soft boil your eggs, take the yolk out, mix it with mayo and seasonings, put the yolk back in. Boom. Done. The trick is making them look pretty enough for your “in-laws” to appreciate which is when my mom taught me the spooning technique. Y’know there really should be a better term for addressing your significant other’s parents before y’all are officially in love according to the government. Oh gubment.

Anyway, the hardest part about this was making the mayo. It’s easy to wiz the four or so ingredients together, but there’s a tricky balance. To me, since my brother let me take charge in terms of taste, it started off tasting too oily. We added a dash more vinegar. Then it was too much vinegar. But we made it work once we added it to the egg yolk along with our other seasonings like garlic powder and salt and a hint of pepper. Like I said before, apparently these were the best deviled eggs ever made. They were quite delicious. Go team organic!


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