Eating Habits – Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

I had a dream I was in high school, but with my middle school and college classmates. The college classmates, the boyfriend as well, were doing the procession through a super fancy bathroom. I’m talking marble floor and walls, high tech massage chairs, a winding maze of perfect stalls. Then we all had to make arrangements for our senior trip to somewhere in Florida and I had to take the drive with a girl with whom I’d rather not take the drive instead of my best friends from middle school. Suddenly I realized I had one night to find someone to watch my cats. Then I thought about how long the trip would be and that maybe they could get by a few days with a dry food feeder.

Talk about when worlds collide!

I’ve been having strange, vivid dreams the last few days. I’m definitely attributing these dreams to what I eat within a few hours of bed. Raisins one night, heavy protein dinner another night, olive oil baked potato chips last night. It also screws with my eating habits. Working screws with my eating habits. It makes me think I’m hungry at work when really I have enough stored up fat and sometimes some immediate-burn sugar to get me through the day. I got through all of yesterday without eating at work. And I didn’t even go straight home afterwards! I got through most of today having only eaten two small slices of homemade pumpkin pie for breakfast. More about pie later. Bodies are funny things.

So this week is my first attempt at daily cooking instead of bulk cooking on my weekend. So far so good even though I went over budget a little and didn’t get ingredients I needed for some recipes I planned. I made a coconut milk butter sauce to go over some yellow squash noodles. Totally impromptu! It wasn’t pretty so I didn’t take photos, but it turned out pretty good! Nice and garlicky just how I like it! Mixed with chicken and broccoli. Yum! Then I made Salisbury Steak! But part of that mess with not knowing whether or not I was really hungry at work had to do with my not wanting to eat such a heavy dish like Salisbury Steak. I think I’ve concluded that I just wasn’t hungry or I wouldn’t have minded eating the steak.

The real challenge will be keeping up my positivity so I can keep my dishes clean and my food on the table and my will during work. Wish me luck!

Among other things on my mind, I BAKED A PUMPKIN PIE FOR THE FIRST TIME! Not too shabby. If I’m spending Thanksgiving on my own, or maybe an orphan Thanksgiving, I want it to be a sweet one! Recipe post for that is one its way. (I’m not lying! Some things are less time sensitive than posts specifically regarding multiple days around your birthday! I’m sorry!)

Featured recipe: Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy by PaleOMG

20140911_195416This is one of the recipes I recall fondly from childhood. My mom made juicy, rich Salisbury steak. It was like a doped up hamburger. For real. I’m pleasantly surprised with mine. It could use a little more cooking, but a little pink in the center never killed anyone. . .with a well adjusted immune system. . .

The meat was quite flavorful and the gravy reduced well. I recommend stopping the gravy reduction sooner than later though. Don’t want to burn it or turn it to condensed savory jelly. Not if you have a light stomach like mine. This is a savory dish.  So much so that when I wasn’t hungry the next day, but still forced myself to pack lunch, I was afraid to eat it. It’s rich. It’s dense. It’s a hardy winter dish. So this one needs to wait for the chill to settle in. But still YUM!



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