Holiday Prep – Pumpkin Pie

Sometimes it’s good to run on a whim. Sometimes it leads to binges. Sometimes it’s worth it.

I’ve been struggling a little mentally since I’ve returned from NJ. Basically my vacation brain hasn’t shut off quite yet. The lever is stuck in this weird limbo notch where my dreams aren’t of vacation, but of the future and how I should be reaching those goals. Having a steady full time job is certainly not hurting, but I decided to be much more active in pursuing my interests. Currently those interests are writing and cosplay. I’m not looking to be a professional cosplayer, but I do have a couple of short story drafts written since my return three weeks ago.


Of course one of my other passions is baking. On a whim I decided I was going to bake a pumpkin pie. Ask my co-workers! I said it right there at work, “I want to bake a pie.” I found a Paleo recipe and went straight to the Farmers market after work for ingredients. Not shabby for a first time! Then a few days later I realized I had the ingredients necessary for Paleo sugar cookies. More holiday practice!! Those, too, were not shabby at all! Next time I want to add whipped cream for the pie and frost the sugar cookies. I was going to make them look like Pac-Man. Next time.

Featured Recipe: Paleo Pumpkin Pie by The Paleo Mom

20140913_081525 I’ve never baked pie before. I followed the recipe to the T and I’m extremely satisfied with the results. Here’s my helpful advice: even if the recipe doesn’t specifically say to grease your baking dish, go ahead and grease it. My co-workers and I had to jackhammer into the crust. It wasn’t a tough crust, it was just baked to the dish. My food processor is a little small for a big ol’ pie so the filling didn’t mix as well as I’d like. I think it looks rustic and I appreciate that. Also, I have a 9.5″ pie pan and the recipe calls for a 9″ or deep 8″ dish. That actually made a difference!

All in all, this was a successful attempt and I hope I will be making it again before Thanksgiving. Need to practice!






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