The Ingenue and the Chicken Wings

IMG_20141015_180849(1)Once upon a time I used to dream of being the ingenue in a play.  I even thought I could pull it off. Then I realized I wasn’t white or skinny or anything to fit this society’s non-negotiable standard of ingenue beauty. Except maybe my big pretty eyes. Then I stopped eating nearly as badly as I was and I lost weight. Then I started liking myself more than I did. Then I went Primal/Paleo/Clean. Then I became a cosplayer and burlesque performer. Now I can be the ingenue whenever I want!

IMG_20141015_204411I’m waiting to start marketing myself under a specific cosplay name until I have a longer CV to safely incorporate the adult and the family friendly projects. Before I invite all my friends, I’d rather they be able to see more than me in pasties. I started working on a site for my entertainer persona. Next I’ll work on my sewing skills. Maybe I’ll ask for a dress form stand for Christmas. I’ve got my eyes on a Sophitia cosplay from Soul Edge/Soul Calibur, but I think it needs to be built. But I’ve got a cosplayer friend who can probably help me while I learn.

And that’s my story. The end.IMG_20141113_174732

I like happy endings. Speaking of happy endings, I finally got back to the Farmer’s Market after a three week binge. I cut down my food budget this month to accommodate the money I dropped on sugary stuff  at the start of the month and the costume stuff I decided was still a high priority. Corsets and gloves and rhinestones! Oh my! But to get my LGN status back up to par so I feel comfortable in my costumes, I need to eat better and work on maintaining positivity so I won’t crash and burn. My part time job has a nasty habit of breaking me. I’ve officially deemed it toxic. My coworkers are lovely, but the environment itself is steeped in stress triggers. The pay is not worth the cost of my health so I’ve limited my time there.

I’m starting this new long term health attempt on a strong foot! Guess what I made for the first time!

Featured recipe: Buffalo Chicken Wings by Lexi’s Clean Kitchen and BBQ Chicken Wings by Macnifique

Grok it like it's hot!
Grok it like it’s hot!

How have I never made these before?? I recall chicken wings being pricier for the amount of meat you get. But I’ve learned my lesson. This is so worth it!

I didn’t always like spicy food. I still won’t necessarily go out of my way for it, but for some reason, that is the flavor du jour. Even the bbq sauce had 12 drops of Frank’s Red Hot. Both of these recipes were easy peasy to make. The buffalo wings were coated and then baked and then drowned in the sauce, then baked. The BBQ wings were rubbed, then baked, then smothered, then baked. All they need are ranch dressing and they’re ready for game day!

I get excited about recipes like this that seem so “normal”. Wings are a common SAD food typically doused in soy this and breaded that. I swear you won’t know the difference eating these! That BBQ sauce is THE BOMB DOT COM! So basically you’re going to invite me to your next cookout. See you there!

You're gonna want me at your BBQ. You will.
You’re gonna want me at your BBQ. You will.



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