Braid Out Tutorial

I’m pretty sure I’ll be chopping my hair this summer. I don’t know how short it will be, but I need to keep these curls under control. I’m gonna let my natural hair shine!

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Braid Out Tutorial

This is my favorite style to use when I don’t want to fight with my hair in the morning. It works every time and it’s easy! I’m sure this can be used on all kinds of hair types although the results will vary. If your hair is naturally straight or relaxed, you may just end up with bigger waves.

Weapons of Choice:
For this style, I used a spray bottle to dampen my hair, a paddle brush to detangle, a rat tail comb to part, Suave whipped cream mouse, and a pony tail holder and clip.

Step 1:
Detangle the beast! Make sure you get out all of the kinks and knots so that your braids will be smooth.

Step 2:
Part your hair by 4 sections. Dampen the sectioned hair with the spray bottle and apply product of your choice. Braid the first section and only braid the ends…

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