Think back to elementary school. Middle school. High school. Remember that stereotypical fat kid that kinda hung back from the crowds? Or maybe that fat kid that had a group of friends, but still looked like the odd one out?

Hi. My name is Brenna, and that was me.

I hit my rock bottom in 8th grade after a terribly embarrassing moment in…wait for it…the gymnasium. After that, I cut out soda and candies from my diet and spent that summer working out every day religiously. I dropped 20 lbs that summer and dropped from a size 22 to a size 14. I felt like I was the queen of the world…but only from time to time. The rest of the time was spent beating myself up over how I was still fat and ugly and unhappy.

I maintained that weight throughout high school and college. My brother on the hand had miraculously started losing a lot of weight seemingly overnight. He told us he was on the Primal Diet. No bread, no pasta, no crackers, cookies, NO CHOCOLATE. The man was crazy!! “I could NEVER give up chocolate!” I said. “I could never give up pasta either! It’s all I order from restaurants!”

December 2012. I was doing my student teaching in my final semester of college. While taking a break one Thursday and reading some articles on, I stumbled across a Primal Diet success story. Somehow compelled to take a look, I did. And then I clicked around the website. And then I went to the “Start Here” section. And then I couldn’t shake the new ideas pouring into my head. It was trusted on LRC…grain is in fact subsidized by the government…I do get that bloaty feeling after I eat almost any meal…

December 15, 2012 I began my Primal journey. After seeing the results my brother got, I had to take a chance. Two months later, I was a size 8. Four months later I started getting active (yes, the weight loss came effortlessly. No workouts yet!) and taking walks. I’ve never felt better in my whole life. Not just for losing weight, but for taking control and fighting old habits and having a more positive look at myself.

So remember that awkward fat kid in grade school? That’s not me.

There’s no room for anything SAD in my world, certainly not my food. I’ve dropped the Standard American Diet (SAD) to follow the Primal diet, which is a high protein/high fat – low carb diet. I’m turning my body from a sugar-burning lump to a fat burning, Groking beast!

“So…it’s like Atkins/Southbeach/[insert low carb diet here]?”

…yes. It’s similar to those. Going low carb is definitely the right idea. Primal takes it ten steps further. Check out this amazing website to hear it from the man himself, Mark Sisson. I highly recommend looking at the definitive guides.

I’ll be posting my escapades through the Primal lifestyle, the ups and the downs, as I finally aim to win the lifelong battle I’ve had with my body.


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