Back home update and POC is SOON!

Since moving back to NJ, I have quickly lost track of a lot of things. My mornings have vanished as I wake up near 11am or noon. My belongings are spread out across two levels of my parents’ house. The flow of income I once had hasn’t yet rebooted. Projects I began are left unfinished. Books I was reading remain bookmarked. The kitchen is foreign and frightening to me. I’m feeling frustration at higher levels than usual.

I’ve been home for about three weeks now and only now am I starting to feel some semblance of familiarity in my own brain. My brain is switching back on and I’m starting to get things back on track. This would be easier, of course, if I had that flow of income back, but that’s neither here nor there.

My story documents are back open. My costume box is out of the car. I’m making a To Do list. I’m plotting devilishly wonderful things with my co-conspirator and I’m seeing my friends relatively regularly. I’m getting more comfortable in the kitchen that isn’t mine and I’m working on reviving the motivation to stay healthy. A recent bout of sickness ought to be enough to set me straight, but you’d be surprised how well my sugar addled brain can trick me.

Best news of all is that Play On Con is just a few short weeks away!! The only disappointment is that I won’t have costumes this year. Big let down for what I was hoping to bring to my cosplay/burlesque page. I definitely underestimated what moving back to NJ would entail so I’m left unprepared. Curses! But other great things are on the horizon for my cosplay/burlesque page! In the mean time, POC 8 IS NIGH!!

As a lifetime member, there will be more POCs to dazzle people with costumes. The boyfriend and I are geared up for some new gaming experiences and to have the vacation we both feel we deserve. Maxin’ (stats) and relaxin’! There will be updates. There will be new friends. There will be gaming. There will be goodness. There may be booze…oh let’s be real, there will be booze. I’m so ready for this!

Alright! I got all my word vomit in the proper disposal unit!


Con High, Con Drop, and Catch Up

I’ve not posted since before Play On Con so there’s a bit of catching up to do. I’ll do my best to keep it brief. I hate long posts. You’re also welcome to skip straight to the FEATURED RECIPE. It’s a good one! ONWARD! So the 21 DSD sorta crashed that last week. I admit my feelings got the best of me as the convention drew near. I felt such anguish about being alone despite that I knew I wouldn’t be alone for much longer. My brain told me to start vacation early. Bad idea since my budget was already depleted. But I have the greatest man in my life who loves me and paid for our dinners in Atlanta when he got here and offered to pay for any snacks we wanted to bring on the trip. I fought the cravings then. He even bought our Waffle House breakfast in the morning (I had an omelet). It doesn’t seem like much, but it meant the world to me. I love that man.

It's a me--Mario! Watch out for that photo bob-omb!
It’s a me–Mario! Watch out for that photo bob-omb!
Link--has come to POC--to saaaaaave--summer vacation!
Link–has come to POC–to saaaaaave–summer vacation!

But I digress, the convention was AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like I did so much and so little at the same time, but I know I did more than ever! I went to panels and tournaments and participated in the costume contest. I’ll work on my speaking for next year so I can win! We learned a few new games (that the boyfriend immediately purchased online) and we went to Iron Bartender as VIPs (and that was the only hard liquor I had all weekend!) and met some cool new people on top of seeing all of our old friends! The best part for me probably, and I swear my excitement is genuine, was that my brother went and had the time of his life! I wonder if that’s part of the feeling like I didn’t do much. I was really wrapped up in how much fun he was having. Of course I did my own thing when I wanted to and met with the guys later, but if the three of us could do events together, we did. And we had so much freaking fun! MY BROTHER WON THE ULTIMATE GAMER COMPETITION!!!!!!!!! He’s got a crown and trophy to prove it! We also pooled together our POC marks (the ones we didn’t give to our POC president candidate) and bought a copy of the RPG Monsters and Other Childish Things. I’m gonna be a GM! It’s like DnD but with children and their imaginary friend monsters that fight each other and cause trouble. I couldn’t put the book down since I got it!

The trio of destiny power of the goddess epic journeying force [insert cliche here]
The trio of destiny power of the goddess epic journeying force [insert cliche here]
I made a distinct choice about my eating that weekend. I chose to accept the crappy food so as to face just one vice at a time. I had two choices: 1. Get drunk AND inevitably eat crappy food based on lack of inhibition or 2. stay sober and make the conscious decision to eat crappy food instead as I craved snacks and sugary things with the limited options at POC. So it was a successful weekend in my eyes and I hopped right back into my regular schedule the day after the boyfriend left. Also got a workout at the Atlanta School of Burlesque with a workshop that kicked my butt! Let me tell you, it hurt to YAWN.

Okay, 4th of July could've been better.
Okay, 4th of July at my friend’s house could’ve been better.

So yeah. Now I’m back in the daily grind. I survived my first week back at work. I’m staving off con drop, but it has moments where it beats me. I also have a picture that never fails to make me smile as it sums up our entire weekend. It’s my favorite picture in the world right now. I’m so thrilled my brother and boyfriend get along so well. Are they in each other’s tribes necessarily? Meh. But buddies can still be buddies as far as I’m concerned. He even had game night with my friends. I’m only a little jealous. 😛

What’s next for me? Well my monthly budget just improved dramatically since changing my cable package and I’m now ready to add a bit to my groceries budget. Now I just need to conquer my laziness so I can cook enough food to get through each week and not have food sitting around and still have nothing to eat. Curse this laziness! I need to make it to my birthday. That’s the first break from monotony. My mom is coming down to see me! I’ll see her on my actual birthday!! Then two weeks later I’m off to NJ for a week! I don’t want to think about what happens after that. The long wasteland of nothing planned for visits until New Years.

Welcome home, "noodles".
Welcome home, “noodles”.

So I wont! Instead, here’s my first go with my absolutely spectacular spiral slicer! Squash noodles!!

Which also leads us nicely into our. . .

Featured  Recipe: Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

20140710_161442 This is one of the most fascinating recipes I’ve played with 1. because I got to use my spiral slicer on a couple of yellow squashes and 2. the science of thickeners is just astounding to me. I should’ve stuck to the recipe as described for my first time. I added the ingredients, turned the heat on, and waited for it to thicken. It didn’t immediately thicken so silly me added more starch. Then when it did thicken, it reached the consistency of chunky gelatin. Whoa! So I added the squash and hoped for the best. Again it didn’t immediately do what I expected and I got scared so I added about 1/4 C water. Finally it thinned out just as the author said it would because of the water content of squash. Mine has the consistency of clam chowder. Next time I’ll trust the recipe. But doesn’t it look pretty??

Now here’s a picture of me going to a burlesque show and being social once again!

Oh hai thar. I'm wearing lipstick. ;-)
Oh hai thar. I’m wearing lipstick. 😉

Grok on, brothers and sisters!

On Today’s Menu: July 23, 2013

Play On Con was an incredible success! The whole vacation was the best week of my life! Not much time to write about my food and there was no internet at the 4H Center so I couldn’t tell you exactly what I ate. I can tell you this: I probably ate 65/35 Primal this week. Had waffles and pancakes a couple of times for breakfast, but lunch and dinner were almost always protein and veggies or fries. My parents’ awesome friends actually cooked for us. Mostly Primal acceptable. Yay! And I had eggs and meat with my waffles. Thanks Waffle House! And I experienced s’mores for the first time yesterday! …and the most epic version of s’mores…KRISPY KREME DONUT S’MORES!! Eat your heart out! …literally!

I dropped the boyfriend off at the airport this morning. It was the most miserable trip I’ve ever taken in my life. The moment the airport was in sight I couldn’t stop tearing. And when he got on the line for the security checkpoint? Forget about it! I was gone. Cried the entire ride back. Just before my stop, a woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was alright. She said, “Whatever it is, it’ll be okay.” Faith in humanity = restored. But I still feel like running into the middle of 285 or 78. I’m not even looking forward to work tomorrow. I had another pair of s’mores today in memory of our glorious vacation.

I spent today continuing my Walking Dead marathon because during my sad girl nap when I got back to the apartment I had a Walking Dead themed dream. That’s a great way to kill a few hours. I considered taking a walk afterwards, but the sky scared me away. Turned out to be a good thing. I ended up in a very interesting Skype chat with the boyfriend and Casey who I haven’t seen in over two months! T’was a very interesting Skype chat indeed. Games make me happy. And friends. Friends make me happy too.


  • BREAKFAST: Slice of coconut crust meatloaf
  • SNACK: White and milk chocolate tuttle
  • SNACK: Two s’mores, chocolate squares
  • LUNCH: BBQ ribs and french fries
  • SNACK: Carrot Cake Cupcake

Play On Con 6 Promo

Play On Con is a gaming convention in Birmingham, AL. This year it will take place at the 4H Center just outside of Birmingham. POC combines every type of gaming you can imagine. Board games. Card games. RPG. LARP. Video games. Casino games. Miniatures. Tournaments. Other things I don’t even know how to categorize like table tossing and Clay-o-rama! Not to mention some fabulously fun parties and costumes! (No, you don’t have to dress in a costume. I’m theatrical so I adore dressing up.)

I’m happy to say the boyfriend and I went last year and had the time of our lives! It’s a small convention in its sixth year. I want to make sure we get the word out because the founders are wonderful people with wonderful ideas for making sure everyone gets everything they could ever want out of a gaming and sci-fi geekdom convention!

If you’re into games of any kind to any degree, even if you’re just a casual gamer like me who only plays when out with friends or there’s a power outage, check your calendars and free them up for the weekend of July 18-21, 2013. Schedule in that vacation time and join us! And/or tell your gamer friends to join us! You won’t regret it!

And in case you didn’t follow the link above, here’s a fan made promo right on the front page to get you PSYCHED!

Playing my first ever RPG! So geeky fun!
Playing my first ever RPG! So geeky fun!
There's a game you want to play? Need more people? Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
There’s a game you want to play? Need more people? Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
Brenna Mii
Brenna Mii
The boyfriend and I at Casino Night
The boyfriend and I at Casino Night
The beautiful Jungle Goddess (my mama) with El Presidente at one of the parties.
The beautiful Jungle Goddess (my mama) with El Presidente at one of the parties.
Brenna's monster Zeus from Clay-o-rama.
Brenna’s monster Zeus from Clay-o-rama.
This is one way monsters die in Clay-o-rama...
This is one way monsters die in Clay-o-rama…