To err is human

All it took was an opening night gala and Wrestlemania to throw me off track. I hope these posts show my pure humanity and my ability to make many mistakes, but also my willingness to jump back from mistakes.

I make it sound like I used those days to splurge on every possible horrible thing imaginable all day long. That’s not really true. For the gala April 5, I had some quarters of these brownie oreo thingies and an actual brownie. At Wrestlemania April 7, (oh by the way, I was at Wrestlemania!!) I had two hotdogs, a bag of popcorn, hot chocolate, and two cookies…oh god. I’m a horrible person…no, I shouldn’t beat myself up over it. I always bounce back.

There’s a great quote by Balthasar Gracian in The Art of Prudence about not falling to temptation in the first place. I should find it. It defines my life. I can say no to a cookie or brownie or sweet things. And I know having one won’t kill me. The problem is, I know myself well enough to understand that if I have one, I won’t want to have just one. That’s where I get into trouble. I will seriously crave more of the bad things. Then I’m SOL.

So I’ve decided to restart my Primal Challenge #2. The dessert is going back to the end of the list and I will do my best to be extremely good about how I eat. No more falling to small temptations just to let bigger temptations in. July is coming!

And something else big is coming up and hopefully it’ll help me budget my food choices so I only get the good stuff: I’m moving!

It’s temporary, but I’m moving to Georgia for 6 months. I’m still waiting to hear about a theatre internship at the Horizon Theatre Company, but I decided I’m going to move down there regardless because the Atlanta area is somewhere I’ve thought about living. More on that strange tale I shall recount anon. Soon as I know, the world can know. 🙂 And I think I’ll restart the challenge after the move. I’m gonna need to have a going away party so…

I’ll leave you with a delicious meal I made the other day after a lovely walk with my brother.

Steak and eggs and eggs and steak...
Steak and eggs and eggs and steak…

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