Recipe for success! (Recipe 2.2)

Wow, Brenna. How long have you been waiting to whip THAT title out?

Well the Primal dessert was a success! Carrot Cake Cupcakes turned out delicious, moist, and sweet without being industrialized sweet. They were only sweetened with Manuka 100% raw honey that I bought for the first time the other day while prepping for this. Yum! Not a drop of grain was found. I even made an emergency trip to Whole Foods to buy a new container of baking powder because the one in the house contained cornstarch.

If that’s not proof that I’m really trying to do this right, then I don’t know what is. Easy? Not by a long shot. But single digit pants don’t lie. 😉

I missed the smell of sweet things in the oven. Mmmmm…

There was a frosting aspect to this recipe, but I didn’t like how it came out so I left the cashew frosting off. My brother found it in the fridge and ate half of it without realizing it was frosting and not just cashew butter. Now he doesn’t feel so great. Sorry, bro.

I made the cupcakes for Easter dinner at the boyfriend’s house. Get it? Easter Bunny? Carrot Cake? Yup. Brenna strikes again. Actually I saw the recipe when Julie at PaleOMG posted it to her Facebook wall from last year. I simply HAD to make it. It occurred to me too little too late that his mother bakes the “real” way so my newly hatched interest Primal health style was up against a veteran of the SAD school of  standardized sugar baking. But I’m proud to say my cupcakes passed the test. 🙂  The only comment from the expert was that she ought to teach me how to keep to the recipe’s estimated prep and cook time. 30 minutes turned into two and a half hours. Whoops.

But between awesome cupcakes, macaroons, and stopping yet another Ancient One from awakening in Arkham, it was a good Easter.

Now I need to scrounge around for my next Primal encounter. To the internet!!

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