Victory Post: Republic Social House

This is where I work. This is what I do.
This is where I work. This is what I do. This is why I’m hot. (Did I just date myself?)

Wow that name sounds AWFUL the more I think about it. But the place was AWESOME and so was our server. (I should do a NAP post about that. He deserved his big tip!) Saturday night some of my co-workers and I met at a bar in Atlanta after the chaotic and busy National Day of Puppetry. So much fun packed into one rapid fire day. I was hesitant because money and self control are two things I basically lack. But so is social skills practice.

Hello. My name is Brenna and I’m an introvert.

“Hi Brenna.”

However, I was proud of a number of things that night. Even after leaving work and going home to meet the guys later, I still motivated myself to get out of the house. I realized the bar is about 15-20 minutes straight up the road from me! I didn’t panic trying to find parking. I ordered steak kabobs (1 steak kabob and 1 veggie kabob) with a side of sweet potato fries. Probably should’ve gotten the side salad regardless of the extra $.95. I did order cider, but literally just ONE! And the universe rewarded me with a free shot of Fireball Whiskey! I probably should’ve turned it down, but no decisions should be made after ingesting any alcohol for me.

Hello. My name is Brenna and I’m a lightweight.

“Hi Brenna.”

The veggies could've been grilled more. The steak could've been grilled less. I can't complain though. :-)
The veggies could’ve been grilled more. The steak could’ve been grilled less. The fries were juuuuuust right.

Lots of sweet potato carbs in my body Saturday between the fries and the Brenna’s Pie I had for breakfast. Does it constitute as a cheat? That’s up to you fine folks and how serious you need to be to reach your health goals. I faced the consequences of dehydration the next morning from the alcohol. I got my body right back on track with some cocon’oatmeal and oil pulling and clearing my sink of dishes. Woo! But we’re all at different phases in this health journey. I’m a year and a quarter into it with an extremely motivational brother and slowly hopping on board boyfriend and friends. I’m also completely in charge of my kitchen and finances. And I live 8 minutes from an open daily farmer’s market. But it’s all for naught if the daily and social temptations get under my skin. And they can.

Whatever you do, don’t stress when you’re going out with friends. Understand that the food won’t be ideal (unless you’re eating at Urban Pl8 which is the best restaurant gift to man) but you can make the best choices for yourself from there. Burger without bun. Side salad instead of fries. Maybe your food doesn’t need to be choked with cheese after all. Maybe lay off the alcohol or just order one drink. My preference for being “good” is hard cider. It’s naturally gluten free and I feel like even in the higher sugar ciders there’s a lot less sugar than otherwise would be found in my favorite cocktails. I might be kidding myself, but then again, alcohol is a treat anyway. Not to be had often.

Stress is a huge factor for health too so don’t stress and enjoy the company. Recognize your choices and strive to make better ones every day. And remember, while social engagements tend to gravitate directly towards food like a black hole, there are other things to do with friends. A walk. The beach. Mall-ratting (but avoid that food court!). Just move a little and have fun! Grok on, my brothers and sisters in Grok! (And Mama. #MamaHasBoundlessLoveAndSafety I will always pimp Mama’s bakery!)

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